Tony Smilis, General Manager of MMC, spoke at the inaugural Balkannabis Expo that was held at the Technopolis in Athens Greece from June 1st – June 3rd, 2018. Balkannabis is a meeting point for professionals, growers, producers, and distributors from the Balkans and Southeast Europe with the purpose of industry professionals exchanging information about of quality trades, expertise, and state-of-the-art technologies, regarding hemp and medical cannabis applications.

More than 100 exhibitors from the global cannabis industry attended. Mr. Smilis’ presentation, “The Future of Medical Cannabis in Europe.” His talk explored how Europe and other emerging markets, like Greece, can utilize medical cannabis on large scales for patients. Mr. Smilis also covered the medical and botanical aspects of cannabis, as well as what the emerging markets looked like in Canada early on.

Mr. Smilis also spoke at length about the training involved for healthcare professionals recommending cannabinoid therapy as well as the biological science behind what makes medical cannabis work. Much of the Q&A segment involved medical professionals asking for advice on how to prescribe cannabis, as well as what Greece can expect from legalization. There was much interest in MMC’s clinic model as there is no practical training for health care professionals at this time in Greece and there is nowhere for patients to turn to get their medical cannabis authorized or seek information about cannabinoid therapies.

Mr. Smilis received an overwhelming response from his presentation from both medical professionals and the public at large; he looks forward to speaking at next year’s Balkannabis Expo.

To access more information regarding the future of medical cannabis in Europe or the medical applications of cannabis you may contact Mr. Smilis by email at:

Below are some photos from the expo: