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January 30, 2017
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Purchasing Medical Marijuana Legally In Canada

With the recent raids at 5 dispensaries across London, Ontario, many are questioning just how legal these dispensaries are. Not only are dispensaries illegal in Canada, they pose a serious risk to patients who choose to purchase their medical marijuana through them. The only legal way to purchase medical marijuana in Canada is through a Licensed Producer with a prescription.

The quality of the marijuana and marijuana products found at dispensaries is questionable. The source of the dried marijuana and edible products varies between dispensaries, but it is completely unregulated by Health Canada. Dispensaries are not able to test their products for mold, pesticides, and other types of contamination that can be harmful if ingested.

With no one to oversee the production and sale of these products, patients can be exposing themselves to further illness and injury by choosing to fill their prescriptions through these storefront operations. Though many position themselves as a “compassionate and accessible option” for patients who do not wish to purchase their medication through legal avenues or grow their own cannabis, they are quite the opposite.

Health Canada regulates 34 Licensed Producers within Canada that supply patients that have been prescribed medical marijuana in Canada for various conditions. These Licensed Producers are required to test and monitor their crops and extracts before they ever make it to a patient to ensure that harmful contaminants are not present. Licensed Producers also have educated professionals to assist patients to choose the strains that are best for their conditions, taking the guess work out of purchasing for patients.

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